Find Success With a Free Side of Web Site Advertising and Marketing

The free side of marketing online, through search engine traffic, consists of optimizing my website for the search engines to reward it with a high search engine ranking, and supporting that with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. A website can get a large amount of traffic from the search engines because that is where people go to look for information about a product or service. When the website is in the top three or four spots on the first page of Google and other search engines, it can enjoy great traffic.

All of this searching and ranking centers around keywords. Key words are phrases are what people type into Google and other search engines when they are looking for information. The search engines find websites to return search results for people. The way they find the websites is through the keywords the website uses on their pages. The work involved on this free side of internet advertising, also called natural or organic, is all centered around optimizing the website for both the search engines and the visitors they will send. The goal is to make the website the authority in its market and then search engines will bestow their respect, and people will be happy with the information they find there.

We cannot say too much about the importance of thorough keyword research in web site advertising marketing. Finding the best words that people are searching for when they want information about your website’s product or service is key to getting the traffic you are after. Once the keywords are established, and it is advised to continue to look for good keywords, the information in the code behind the website will need structured properly. Search engines look for certain criteria when they come to visit a website. They want to see that the title matches up with the content of the website, and they like to see keywords in the title and even in the websiteURL. They look for a meta description that is relevant to the content of the website and includes keywords. They look for h1/h2 tags which support the overall content of the website.

The content for the web site advertising marketing should be valuable. It can consist of educational, enlightening, or entertaining information. It is best to add fresh content regularly since it is appealing to both the reader and the search engines. There are many strategies that can be utilized for maintaining the content on a website, including all of its pages. A site map is valuable to the navigation of a website, and it should not be challenging for a visitor or the search engine to move around the website. Linking is another aspect the search engines regard in a very important way. External links with keywords as anchors back to the website are very valuable. Also, the source of those incoming links and their popularity on the internet are evaluated by the search engines.

So we know that optimizing a website is based on the search engine queries that the website wants to rank for so that it can get a share of the traffic that is searching for those keywords. It may sound simple enough, but when you consider the competition that might exist for the same keywords, the process can become quite a challenge. It is important to lay out an SEO plan and to stay consistent with implementing the plan. Ongoing work such as creating new keyword-rich content, and continuous link building, is essential for getting to the first page of Google and other search engines, and staying there. There are tools that help us find the number of searches per month for a given key word or phrase. We can test this with statistics to back up our research.

If your online marketing includes the free side of web site advertising marketing, you now have an idea of what you will need to target in order to get the traffic that you want to go to your website. You can combine key words and phrases that you carefully research until you get the numbers of searches that you desire. You can work to get those top spots in the search engines so that you secure the majority of the traffic you know is generated with your keywords. You can build your website to an authority site that people get to know, like, and trust. This is the way that you turn traffic into new business and repeat business. It is how you find success on the free side of internet marketing.

Blog Advertising on the Internet – 4 Strategies to Do Online Web Site Advertising For Free

If you have a blog, chances are that you want to expose your blog to as many as possible, without spending a fortune on advertising. Actually, advertising on the Internet is not that hard and sometimes, you do not need to pay a dime on it. No matter you have a blog or a normal website, the key to do it well is to find as many channels as you can to start your online website advertising campaign.

Here are the 4 channels that you can use to advertise your blog effectively.

Advertise your blog on other website

It is quite normal to have two or more blogs sharing and posting their links to each other. It is called reciprocal link building or link sharing program. By becoming a partner with other blogger, you will have a connection and exposure to those visitors from your partner and vice versa. Not only is it fair to each party, but also it is also free.

It works like this: you find a blogger who has content related to your blog topic. Then you contact this blogger and say that the content of your blog is somehow related, or supplemented, to this blogger’s content, and request for link exchange. If this blogger accepts the deal, he will then become your partner and you will put your partner’s blog address to your blog, and your partner will do the same thing.

Exposed on Social Media

Using social media site to advertise your blog on the Internet is effective and free. Actually with more and more people are spending their time on social media site, nearly all businesses have already presented themselves over there also.

The emergence of social media have changed the way people are using the Internet, so as the advertising marketing plan of small business. This is a new way for people to share information to each other, without demographic or time limitation.

Within a social media network, demographics are clearly defined and advertising effort is therefore focused. Since doing marketing on social media network is acceptable, people who see your blog will discuss among their friends and therefore will often visit your blog.

Building and Utilizing Your network.

To survive and stay top among millions of blog, support from other bloggers with similar mind are necessary. When you are on the Internet, fighting alone is not a good strategy or even not suggested.

Simply having a user-friendly, easy to use blog with excellent contents are not enough. Even though other blogger may want to link to you because of your blog quality, you are highly suggested to actively connected with other popular blogs and bloggers.

It is often the case that other bloggers are very generous and pleased to give you some support, such as mentioning your blog or even giving good blog review in their writing. If you can build and leverage such network you are building up reputation among a group of people. This is another way of advertising your blog without spending a cent.

Promote Your Blog In Article Website

Article website are website that have thousands to millions of articles that other bloggers and site owners will use. Using article website to promote your blog is a rather in-direct way of advertising blog online, but it is very effective, especially if you want to prove to other bloggers on the power of providing quality information.

Those articles in article website covered many different topics on different market. If you are doing a simple search on an article website, chances are that you may find some articles which are written by bloggers. At the end of the article, you will probably find a short description about themselves and a link that point back to their own blog. By doing this bloggers are able to advertise their blog and entice readers to click and go to their blog to read more.

Submitting articles to article website are usually free, but some websites may charge for each submission. You are highly recommended to use free article website for promoting your blog.

How to Choose a Web Developer For Your Business

Unless you know what to look for, choosing a web developer can be a very difficult task. Because there are no licensing requirements for web developers, and the barriers to entry are almost nonexistent, the web development market has become flooded with individuals and companies of all skill levels and capabilities. This whitepaper provides tips for what to consider when choosing a web developer.

Tip #1: Look for Specialization

Many web developers claim that they can do it all. The truth is that most web developers are primarily either graphic designers or programmers. The fields of graphic design and programming are fairly specialized and it is uncommon to find people who are able to do both well. When looking for a web developer, we suggest asking the professionals to designate who will be designing your web site and who will be doing any custom programming. If it is the same person doing both pieces, we advise paying even closer attention to their portfolio.

Tip #2: Look for a Strong Portfolio

The sites that a web developer has worked on are typically strong indications of the type of work that you can expect from them for your own web site. When reviewing a developer’s portfolio, keep an eye out for aspects that you want incorporated into your own site. If you are looking for a bleeding edge design, then look for those types of designs in their portfolio. If on the other hand you are looking for complex programming, make sure you tell the developer that you would like examples of those types of sites.

Tip #3: Expect a Focus on Marketing

In the early days of the Internet, simply having a web site was enough because not every company had one. Today however, a web site is an important aspect of marketing for small businesses. Make sure that your web developer will perform search engine optimization on your web site and that they will help you increase your rankings in search engines.

Tip #4: Understand Who Will Host Your Web Site

How a web development company hosts the web sites that they create is an important but often overlooked aspect of choosing a web developer. Many web development firms simply act as a reseller for a company that performs the hosting. The danger with this is that if you experience problems with your web site or email it sometimes isn’t clear who is responsible for fixing the issue. This can result in finger pointing between the web developer and the company involved in hosting the site when a problem occurs. This can be especially problematic with complex web sites that perform e-commerce or other custom functionality. Make sure that you understand who is responsible for assisting you with any hosting or email issues that you have before signing on with a web developer.

Tip #5: Think Long Term

There are several long term considerations that should be considered in your decision of which web developer to use. Make sure that you understand how ongoing maintenance will be charged and at what point your initial project ends and the maintenance phase of your relationship begins. It is also important to make sure that if your web developer will register a domain on your behalf that they put it in your name or the name of your business. This ensures that you can gain complete control over your domain in the event that you need to make a change to your hosting without the assistance of your web developer. Additionally, make sure that you have a copy of your web site. We’re always surprised at the number of people who spend many thousands of dollars on a web site but don’t have a copy of it in their own hands.

Tip #6: Request References and Actually Call Them

Once you reach the point where you have a web developer that you want to use, we recommend that you request references and actually call them. This will be one of your best indications of how the developer maintains and manages client relationships and it provides one last measure of safety before you begin your project.

Benefits of Hiring VB Dot Net Developers From Offshore Web Development Companies

VB.Net or Visual Basic.Net is an object-oriented computer programming language which is highly used by web programmers to develop web application over the .NET framework. Introduced by Microsoft, this programming language is a powerful tool for developing programs using .NET technology. Today, millions of programmers use for developing web and desktop based applications. By using this computer language, web programmers can easily develop applications for wireless, internet-enabled handheld devices such as mobile phones.

Till date, about four versions of Visual Basic.Net have been introduced by the Microsoft. And, understanding the technical aspects of these versions is not an easy task. In order to develop web-based applications over VB.Net platform, the web programmers should have thorough knowledge about ASP and C# computer languages.

If you want to develop web applications using VB.Net platform for your website, then it is necessary to hire VB.Net developers from reliable web application development companies. Some offshore web development companies in India have pool of experienced developers to deliver web-based solutions on the .NET framework. The dedicated web developers have the ability to meet the business requirements of their clients in least possible time.

Some of the major advantages of hiring VB.Net developers from offshore web development companies are mentioned below:

• They are expert in developing web applications based on visual basic for different domains and verticals.

• Offshore web developers use their technical, analytical and creative skills to offer quality web-based solutions to their clients.

• Offshore companies have team of programmers that are well trained in many technological aspects of visual basic development. By hiring them for your project, you can minimize the administration cost required to hire a full-time professional.

• The projects are not only delivered on time but are also cost-effective.

• Clients can have direct communication with the professional web developers via telephone calls, e-mails, video chats etc to specify their requirements as and when required.

• Offshore web developers provide regular working status on the assigned projects and help their clients to monitor the status progress of the project.

VB.Net programming language has been developed with improved visual designers, increased application performance and a powerful integrated development environment (IDE). It includes productive features for developing robust web applications easily and quickly. This computer language provides full support for database programming and help programmers to develop games, websites, business applications and many more products.

Are you in need of qualified and experienced visual developers? Then, opt for hiring developers from reliable offshore web development companies. They will fulfill your technological needs and will provide bug-free web applications according to your business requirements and budget.

Free Advertising For Web Sites

All websites need traffic and there are many ways to get traffic. Most of them cost money, lots of it. Pay per click programs are guaranteed to bring you instant traffic. In fact, as much as you can afford. Once you money runs out, so does the traffic. Some people swear by this method, but they are usually making a fortune from it, or more precisely, they are making a fortune from selling you theories on how to profit from pay per click. If most of these so called gurus were making the fortunes they claim, they wouldn’t be peddling $20 ebooks on how to create competitors in their own market and kill their own, supposed, large pay per click incomes.

So what are your alternatives for web site advertising? Well, several to be honest. First of all, there is of course article marketing. A well discussed topic and an invaluable tool of any one serious about making money online. Secondly, community forums. No matter what topic you are involved in, there is almost certainly a forum community built up around it. If there is not, then build your own. You can join the community and add valuable information to discussions and answer questions all while including your all important back link to your site in your signature. If you join a community make sure you contribute quality information to the community. Do not spam. Its pointless, unfair to the community, and in the long run will discredit you and your product in very short time.

Thirdly, advertising sites. There are advertising sites out there that welcome you to post advertisements for your product, business, web site, etc. These sites usually allow you to write a sales copy, add pictures, and most importantly, a link to your site or product. Amazingly, this can be done for free, yes free advertising.

Free web site advertising on a site such as these will bring you traffic in a steady stream direct from the advertising site, and in some cases, from organic search engine results. Once you experience the traffic from sites like this, you will no longer put pay per click as your first choice of traffic sources. This is not to say you should not use pay per click, it is phenomenal as far as traffic, but paid traffic should not be your first choice over free traffic.