Online Web Site Advertising – 5 Steps To Cost Effective Web Site Advertising

Advertising Can Be A Hassle Unless…

You really have an ‘all-in-one’ solution to eradicate all the tedious tasks you normally have to drag yourself to do it. Honestly, what better way to make sure you get more things done than to outsource and have someone drive your online web site advertising campaigns for you.

Here are the 5 steps to cost effective advertising in an almost effortless way:

Step 1: Build Your Advertising Resource Pool

Before doing any online web site advertising you will have to get some research done. Finding the best deals out there can come from either asking people who are already advertising regularly or by doing your own research.

For instance, if you have a few contacts from your niche and want to know where your friends advertise just ask them and go to the relevant website. Additionally, if you need to find out more about where top marketers advertise do a search in Google or Yahoo and check out the advertising source.

Step 2: Structure Your Advertising Strategy

One of the most overlooked key points in all online advertising campaigns perhaps is this: there is no solid plan of action. Starting an advertising campaign without a plan is like going behind enemy lines without a gun.

Pull out a sheet of paper and write down the things you need to do such as the components of the marketing flow you want your prospects to experience. Keep this sheet of paper in mind. You need it later.

Step 3: Focus On Your Current Campaign

When you got your plan of action ready make sure you have it with you at all times in your “office”. Every time you have an online web site advertising campaign set up make sure you put dates where you want each component to be complete.

Focus on the tasks at hand and don’t surf too much at this time. Just be really focused on getting your advertising out there.

Step 4: It Is Perfectly OK To Keep Track

There are times when most people (so called IM’ers) advise others in online forums on becoming cool and relaxed when doing advertising. Let me tell you one thing. Do not listen to them.

Advertising costs you money and you should always watch how well your website converts and how well your prospects are responding to your offer. While it can give you a certain degree of stress, it is also mandatory for the business owner to know the details of his work.

Step 5: Do It Again Or Try Another Way

A tough resilient online web site advertising campaign should only appear when you have tried a lot of tactics and stuck to one that works. I have seen people spending their last $300 in their bank account and still pull through.

The key is to be able to test until you find something that really works for you. Everyone is different and that is what makes the world go round.

In closing, never give up and you will see your reward soon. Success comes with a price but money can always be generated again and again at will. Use the power of online web site advertising to your advantage using the steps outlined above.

Hire Web Developer – 10 Important Points to Ponder Upon

Nowadays it is almost an outdated thought to run a business without online presence! Besides that people know that online presence increases or just double the Return on Investment for all the businesses! Also institutions or organization do also keep their presence online to establish or spread themselves to the world. And to make the effort of building a website there are lots of web development companies who offer the customer or the clients to hire web developer. In this way the website building process has become easy and affordable too!

But there are some aspects in website development. One of those factors is to hire web developer who is or are really helpful or worthy to be hired. This is the reason I am trying to put down just 10 important points that always come in consideration at the time of hiring web developers. Let’s have a look on the points:

  1. Before you decide to hire web developer, just assess your requirements. It is very important to know what kind of development you are looking for. Do you need a simple static website or e-commerce site. Depending on these you have to search for the web developers.
  2. Are you looking for open source development or the hard code? It may be the case that your projects can be best done in open source or vice-versa. So before you go to hire web developer make sure that you have determined the technologies/programming languages. It is essential because there are developers who are expert and specialist at open source or the hard code. You need to choose your ones.
  3. You need to find out the expert and experienced people for your projects. You should never hire web developers who are having little experience in the kind of development you are looking for. Why not check out the portfolio of works? It will let you decide the quality of people you are choosing.
  4. Try to assess the knowledge base and the professionalism of the developers you are considering to hire. You should clear the queries about the project you are thinking to offer to the developers. Again the work ethics or the process of work (milestone deliverables, project documentation etc) will let you know the developers. So when you hire web developer never forget to take interview.
  5. When you are thinking to build a website you should find the market trend to know if the project can be given to a local developer or it is best to think of outsourcing. These days it is best to hire web developer from offshore companies. Not only the cost but also the growing competition has eased the availability of best services from anywhere in the world.
  6. You may hire web developer as dedicated to your projects or may go time-based hiring as you require. Both are good. But dedicated hiring is the best ploy as in this case your headache is less to complete the project. Even the flow of project is smooth and time of development becomes less.
  7. You may hire web developer from a company or a freelancer. If you hire from a company you will get many types of developers or the specialist altogether and the development process becomes smooth. But in the matter of freelancers you have to be very much choosy and careful to know the professionalism or the quality of work of the particular developers. Sometimes multiple hiring of personnel becomes essential in the case of freelancers.
  8. It is very much important to know that you hire web developer from somewhere that has proper infrastructure to complete your project. It is particularly essential as many a time it is found that you go for hiring a freelancer who does not have access to latest technologies and tools or the true setup to finish the projects. So proper search and confirmation of the infrastructure has become mandatory (also for companies).
  9. Try to find out how is the reputation of the developer in providing support to the project both throughout the project completion and afterward maintenance. Never hire web developer with poor record in support or do not forget to judge the communication level of them. Otherwise total investment in the project may go in vain.
  10. When you decide to hire web developer, do not go behind affordability always, care for the legal issues too. It is fact that affordable web development is now highly possible. But it is not that all the companies provide best service at affordable cost. Find out the reputed companies who do not only provide affordable service but also clears legal dealings, say money back guarantee issues, copyright, document & resource transfer and all.

Hope after going through the above points, you will understand how important it is to be careful in the process of hiring developers for getting best development of the website you are thinking to build. Always remember the responsibility of best website development never only rest on the developers. It is also your discretion to hire single web developer from multiple companies or team of developer from one company. However, never feel helpless if you find the things little lengthy. You may take help of directories and tactfully choose the request a quote process for searching and getting best developers. Never hurry but be steady in the website building initiative – you will be successful.

Drowning In The Meandering Mind of A Web Site Advertiser

It is a well known phenomena that even after reading the most well thought out, fine tuned website, the average reader (and soon to be potential buyer) still doesn’t assimilate what they have read.

This is not to imply that a person is not intelligent. Far from it. But something else takes over, something else gets in the way of total comprehension.

Which is…

The wish to believe (the hype). The deep down desire that someone else will be responsible for the income you would love to see rolling in. The promise that it will be “easy” and you will not have to do a thing. The appeal to what most of us have in common, to whatever degree, a basic sense of right and privilege, with a twist of laziness.

For years now, the concept of overnight wealth has invaded the minds and hearts of thousands of yearning individuals. The idea of financial freedom, just a heartbeat away, drives even sane people totally crazy. Assumptions we would never make in the “real world” fly out the window of common sense online. The mantra instead becomes, “Will this one be the one?” or “Will this one set me free?” along with “Will it happen, this time, in that overnight flashy way that clever sales page has lead me to believe it will?” You convince yourself that the “proof” looks real, he wouldn’t fudge about a thing like that… would he?

Well the answer is painfully clear, and with conversion rates high on even some of the most doubtful online programs, that answer appears to be “gotcha!”

Before we continue, come take a trip with me for a moment back a little over half a decade, and we’ll take a closer look at reality. The “mentor” you’ve followed so diligently the past few months, the guy (or gal) making hundreds of thousands online seemingly overnight… it’s an illusion.

The average online hundred-thousand-aire or millionaire took years to create. They, like so many of us, spent the first few years struggling online. Read years. Not days, weeks, or a couple months. Years.

What set them apart was their willingness, drive, and desire to succeed – at all cost. They saw their dream and they stuck with it. Then, when success did finally hit, they bottled that “in the moment” nirvana and proceeded to lead the rest down the road of “it can happen overnight!”

Was Google born within hours of opening its doors? Amazon? Paypal? Duh, no… In fact, if you’ve been around for a while, you might remember that Paypal used to offer a $5 incentive to create your account. And they let their “affiliates” (new customers) spread the word and make $5, too. This went on for quite some time, because they knew (just like you know, too, in your heart of hearts), that marketing and advertising and spreading the word takes time, patience, persistence, and money.

So getting back to the original premise… why is it that perfectly normal people will infer and convince themselves of promises never made on that (well read?) website? Each properly put together website should have that handy legal disclaimer for all to read. You know the one, it states “there are no guarantees of making money with this program.” It’s there for a reason.

The average Joe or Jane hasn’t a clue what is really involved in launching a business be it their own or an affiliate commitment. It would be fair to hazard a guess that 99.9% who attempt fail.

It’s not that they couldn’t be successful, the problem lies in the fact that they are impatient. A week online and nothing… two, two months, six months, a year. Impatience (and a certain disregard for their wallets) turns even the most reasonable person irrational.

Concentration, goal setting, planning and implementation.

The idea of never having to lift a finger to ensure one’s success online or offline is ludicrous. You know it and so do I. The fine print, whether truly there or not, reads “you must help yourself.” The program’s web page that you joined did it’s job, it got you, right? Then, after signing up, did it magically change to read, “Okay now I will make you rich?” No it did not. It’s purpose is to grab the next guys attention, and the one after that, and after that, and so on. It is doing its job. Ergo, the person or people behind that webpage are doing theirs. They set out to open a program to draw others in, and it is doing exactly what they set out to get done. And so must you.

Do your own thing!

The crash course in marketing and advertising begins now, before you commit to the next guys program. Before you jump in with both eyes wide shut, why not consider doing your own thing first?

What’s wrong with taking the next three months, six months, a year to get your own site together? Teach yourself something useful – how to put together a website! There’s a valuable skill! Now you are in control of your life.

Ask yourself what are you interested in? What can you personally bring to the web? Research what other people are looking for and develop a real plan for success online.

Take the next weeks or even months and educate yourself about search engine strategies, and the right combination of virtual street smart advertising. They do work!

Time and money. Doesn’t it make sense to pour your time and energy into your own piece of virtual real estate? It’s going to take months or even years to establish, why not spend that time and energy, and money doing your own thing? Then you have something solid to hold on to, to change and update, and expand and grow, and potentially make money with.

Take the time to do it right. Build a list of solid followers, and they will do their job… follow you. Bring integrity, knowledge, and a willingness to help others to the table. People want that, people need it.

People buy from people they feel they know. Not strangers. Setting up the right web site, and following a solid advertising and marketing approach makes a difference to your success (or failure) online.

Whether you are your own domain owner or affiliate marketer, you must market and advertise. Without these, how in the world will anyone ever find your website among millions? Just because its “live” doesn’t mean its evident to the rest of the world. You must market, you must advertise. Plain and simple.

So going with the flow of do we really read, here’s something to ponder while you scope out the best web site advertising spots:

“[Marketing is]… the business activity of presenting products or services to potential customers in such a way as to make them eager to buy. Marketing includes such matters as the pricing and packaging of the product and the creation of demand by advertising and sales campaigns.” – the MSN Encarta Dictionary

Did you read that carefully?

You, or the affiliate program owner, are responsible for packaging and pricing. The web advertising or marketing is merely the process by which you strive to inform others that you exist. Marketing informs, advertising informs. Again, plain and simple.

So where do those “sales” come in?

Keep in mind that unless you have a call center hooked to your website, or to that affiliate program you join, online you have one “salesperson,” and one only, at your disposal. Your web site.
Your web pages, just like the ones that started out this article, are your sales force. They, and they alone, have the power to make or break your sale. Quality visitors – people arriving ready and interested in finding your web site (assuming it can convert the sale) – should be your targeted audience.

Much heartache can be avoided online if one approaches opening a business online like a real brick and mortar store. It takes time to work up the clientele, and even many brick and mortars close due to lack of interest or intense competition.

Take your time joining that (next) program. Consider first the potential of starting your own informational website. Invest your money and time into it, build something to call your own online.

Do not be desperate. Desperate people, more often than not, make poor choices. If you are currently desperate for money, get a job or maneuver an advantageous career change for yourself.

Come (back) to the ‘net when you are ready and able to be here.

Time, read, time, money, read, research, plan, time, implement, time, research, money, adjust, time, money, time, time.

Those aren’t keywords for this article, they are your mantra.

Web Development and Cross Web Browser Compatibility

Does your website look great in Firefox and Safari, but a dog’s breakfast in Internet Explorer?

If so then you need to read this, web development and cross browser compatibility is a very serious issue that should be tackled by any professional web development company or individual.

Web development companies and individual developers if professional should address this issue with their clients to ensure the clients brand and web design looks identical across the most popular browsers.

From Internet Explorer to Opera which are included in the top 5 most used internet browsers (based on statistics taken in October 2010), any professional web development company or individual developer need to keep vigilant with their web browser compatibility checking.

To stay on top of this pressing issue there are a number of free websites available that you can use which will take sample website screen shots of your website and how it appears on selected web browsers.

Easiest way to find these web browser checking sites is to Google the following phrase: “How does my website appear on other web browsers?” This is the current Market Share for the top 5 most popular web browsers as of October 2010: Information source here

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer – 59.18%
  • Mozilla Firefox – 22.83%
  • Google Chrome – 8.50%
  • Safari – 5.36%
  • Opera – 2.29%

In summary cross browser compatibility is one of the key issues that arise when developing a brand new website or custom website application.

It is best practice to ensure your client’s website looks as identical as possible across the most popular browsers. However we do agree that there are a lot of differences in the way some of these web browsers operate and the various scripting and web coding languages they use and their interpretation of this.

So really a lot of these issues can be solved during the development of the website itself. The easiest way to avoid issues is to work with a web development company that already knows the ins and outs of cross browser compatibility.

4 Tips To Ensure You’re Not Losing Customers Because of Web Browser Issues

  1. Download the top 5 most popular web browsers to your pc or notebook and test your website thoroughly on each of them.
  2. Discuss any issues with your web development company or professional developer.
  3. Resolve these issues by checking supported web languages by checking compatibilities for the web browsers themselves.
  4. Web languages to check that appear differently across most web browsers include: HTML v1-5, CSS v1-3 these are the main two that cause the most common problems with web design and browser issues.

If you are the client I strongly suggest you address these issues with your development company. If you are the supplier, I once again strongly suggest you address these issues on the behalf of your client.

Ensuring your browser compatibility is as good as it can be will mean that you or your client potentially won’t lose business leads from customers using one of the top 5 web browsers.

Also customers that may want to purchase off an ecommerce or online shopping website may be put off purchasing because of these browser issues. Online business is serious business – take cross browser compatibility seriously as it can mean increased or lost business for you and your client.

How Expensive Will It Be to Hire Ukrainian Web Developers in 2017?

Find a good web app developer today isn’t easy. Especially if you don’t know what specific skills and experience he should have. The cost to build a website can vary quite dramatically, depending on the web design and technology that you choose. Most websites are larger and more complicated. So, they require more time and additional skills to build them. It is handy to know what things you should think about when planning your website and how this can help you when you brief your potential web developer.

That’s why having seen how in-demand software and web developers are, you’re probably wondering how this high demand translates into dollars. According to the PayScale statistic devoted to the average salary of web developers in the world, the graph below shows that the average web/software developer salary in the United States is the highest globally, at around $90K. Meanwhile, Ukrainian web/software developers command salaries almost three times lower than those of their American peers – around $27K per year (according to Ukrainian web portal DOU statistic).

At the same time, Ukraine has the largest tech talent pool in Europe, convenient location, and more science graduates than Sweden, Norway, Japan, and other countries prized for innovation.

As US famous IT businessman Brett Wilson wrote about Ukrainian Web and Software Development business. “The Ukrainian IT sector is impressive. As one of the largest industries in the country, Ukrainian IT industry is a key component of its future economic success. Today, the volume of software export and web development from Ukraine is about $ 2 billion in a year”.

The export volume of Ukraine’s software and web development industry reached at least $2.5 billion in 2015 (number 3 export sector), showing double digit growth year after year. This is just a fraction of the country’s potential, taking into account its large and skilled workforce, economists predict that the two billion industry will grow by 85% within the next six years. Also, the US market is the main destination for Ukrainian IT firms, with an estimated 80% volume of exported services.

I should mention that Ukrainian IT NEWS has claimed that far from completion, the Ukrainian reform effort is significant, with several e-government projects launched in 2015. Important legislative changes are expected in the short term in the field of IP protection, in line with the 2014 Association agreement signed with the EU. IT service export regulations are to be simplified, while local IT companies will be better protected against bureaucracy and corruption.

Talking about technology, we also compare how the prices in the web development the USA and Ukrainian job market depending on the programming language.

The most common language is still Java (23% of the market), JavaScript gets the second place (16%), slightly ahead of C # in popularity. In 4th place, as before, – PHP (13%) with a large margin from Python (8%). Programming in C ++ takes 5% of the market, followed by Ruby (4.5%), Swift and Objective-C. Closes the top ten most popular languages – Scala (1.5%), ahead of C and 1C.

The next step is analyzing the implementation sphere of these technologies. The useful source of information to consider, is the IEEE Spectrum. This is a resource that determines popular programming languages via weighing up many different factors, such as the amount of job site listings, current search trends, or open-source hub projects. Here’s what they determined for 2016.

Predicting the Web Developer Hiring Trends for 2017

Hiring suitable web developers have always been a challenge for CIOs, and 2017 isn’t any different; the key languages in demand are likely to stay in such a position. Around 63% of leaders in the IT industry expects 2017 salaries to remain close to their 2016 equivalents, and 1% believe the worldwide average salaries will actually drop. Many young developers are entering the web development industry with knowledge in C, C++, Ruby, and JavaScript, which will certainly have a positive impact on the space.


As you can see, there are a number of factors that influence on the cost of a web development project and the salaries of web developers. Actually, it can be subjective and quite difficult to predict the cost. So, there some factors that have impact on the price not only Ukraine but around the world:

  • The programming language, overall technical skills, and experience of a web developer.
  • The level of experience of a web developer (Senior/Middle/Junior). But be attentive, in different companies and countries the method of level calculation is different.
  • The developer’s geographical location.
  • Developers in the USA and most of the developed European countries are very expensive.
  • The demand and supply for that particular skill set.
  • Ruby on Rails is in high demand but there aren’t enough developers. The salaries are higher than some of the others object-oriented languages.
  • PHP is in high demand and there are many resources so it is still affordable and may vary according to their knowledge and experience of PHP frameworks.
  • The complexity of the project requirements.
  • The size and length of the project.